FPPF Project Director Lito Beltran has announced the launch of a photo competition with P25,000 as top prize. The photo contest, under the auspices of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) and the Intramuros Administration (IA), is in celebration of Philippine Heritage Month.

Beltran said the subject of the competition is Intramuros. Entries must contain in part or in whole landmarks or scenes that depict Intramuros. The photos must contain something to suggest the image was taken inside Intramuros. The subject can be people, landscape, ruins – practically anything about Intramuros.

The competition will award the following prizes:

  1. P25,000 – First Prize
  2. P15,000 – Second Prize
  3. P10,000 – Third Prize


Prizes in kind will also be awarded to winners in the 4th to 10th Places.

The photo contest is open to everybody, amateur and professional photographers.

Deadline for submission of entries is on March 28, 2010. Awarding of prizes will be on April 30, 2010.

Entries must be 8” x 10” prints in color, limiting the borders – if any – to 1 inch all around. Digital photo manipulation is not allowed. You can’t clone, use layers, saturate/desaturate, or any or those fancy Photoshop or Lightroom techniques. But you may dodge, burn or crop. Any creative effects must be done in-camera at the time of exposure – flash fill, light painting, use of filters, etc.

To enter the contest, participants must register because you can’t shoot in Intramuros without a permit. Registration for this contest is free. Once registered, you get an ID which serves as your permit to shoot in the premises of Intramuros. Issuance of IDs will start on February 15 and you can get it from the FPPF offices, 302-Annex, FEMII Bldg., A. Soriano St., Intramuros, Manila.

The contest ID and permit do not give you complete access to all of Intramuros. For example, it could give you free entrance to Fort Santiago but you still cannot shoot inside the Rizal Shrine; museum rules apply here. While you can go and shoot around the streets of Intramuros, it does not give you free access to Casa Manila, for example; you still have to follow their house rules.

The contest ID and permit are available from the FPPF offices only at FEMII Bldg., not from the FPPF Art Chambers inside Fort Santiago.

Fine Print: Copyright to the image inherently belongs to the photographer, but the top 30 prints shall become the property of the organizers, with full rights to reproduce, exhibit or publish the images for promotional purposes only. The organizers may, without paying financial compensation to the photographers, display the prints in a public place of publish the prints for the purpose of promoting the organization’s event or any by-product arising from the photo contest. If any of the photos is published or printed for display, the name of the photographer and FPPF shall always be acknowledged.

For more details, please call Mr. Lito Beltran at tells. 524-7576 or 528-0371 or email him at pablobeltran39@gmail.com.