Geli Balcruz and Katriz Pascual

Geli Balcruz, left, and Katriz Pascual celebrate their wins in the Still Life category at the close of workshop for Batch 32, Basic Photography. Geli won 1st Place, Katriz is happy with 2nd.

Here are the winners of FPPF Basic Photography, Batch 32, held for five Saturdays from November 6 to December 4, 2010:

Portrait Category:

1st Place – Francis De Guzman
2nd Place – Francis S. Gimenez
3rd Place – Rico Marucot
4th Place – Ian Dave Saavedra
5th Place – John Argee B. Unas

Still Life (Shiny Metal)

1st Place – Geli Balcruz
2nd Place – Katriz Pascual
3rd Place – Francis S. Gimenez
4th Place – Jose Marie Sabale
5th Place – Rowena Dayao

Portrait Winners Batch 32

Here are the Top 10 photographers of Batch 32, Portrait Category: Left to right, front row: Rico Marucot 3rd Place, Francis Gimenez 2nd Place,Francis De Guzman 1st Place, John Argee Unas 5th Place and Ian Dave Saavedra 4th Place. At the back are 6th to 10th Place winners Joel Nilo, Cristina Salango, Jose Marie Sabale, Joseph Mamauag and Geli Balcruz. Trophies and medals courtesy of Fujifilm/YKL Color Philippines.

Still Life Winners Batch 32

The Still Life winners: L-R, front row are Francis Gimenez 3rd Place, Katriz Pacual 2nd Place, Geli Balcruz 1st Place, Rowena Dayao 5th Place and Jose Marie Sabale 4th Place. Back row, left to right are the 6th to 10th Place winners Joel Nilo, Dennis Clamor, Joseph Mamauag, John Argee Unas and Chris Teves.

George Cabig with Batch 32

Prize-winning travel photographer George Cabig, back to the camera, shares his photographic insights during the critique and judging session for Batch 32.