” I live in California, USA and come back to my motherland every year. I have been deliberating about moving back to the Philippines, my nativeland. I said, this is where I want to retire and return. I enjoy our heritage and our beautiful country. I always want to show it off and so I take pictures of what I see around me. I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenybopper. Always a hobbyist and a chronicler….However, My story on my passion in photography had a little twist ….
Sometime in February 2011, I saw pictures taken by Jon and Maricris Carlos on Facebook. I immediately wrote Jon, asking him if I can learn some tips and tricks that they keep up their sleeve for me to improve my photo taking which seemed to lack luster. I took a one-day session with Jon and we became instant friends. He also showed me his wife, Maricris’ work. I was so impressed with their work and asked them where they learned their craft. They proudly said — FPPF! So I took the information in stride and put it in the file room behind my brain. I invited them to do a photoshoot at the Philippine National Museum and they willingly obliged. Here I met Maricris. I invited them over to my place in Balete, Batangas by Taal Lake to do a photo shoot with the couple (& learn more from them… vested interest I may say). They brought their 4 (or was it 5) children with them and we had a wonderful time. Needless to say we did a lot photo taking and Maricris quickly did some post-editing which delighted me to no end. I learned a lot but I wanted more. I asked them again…. what is this FPPF? They said, they will bring me and introduce me to the foundation. So off we went to Intramuros. Needless to say, I signed up right away! I was thinking, if I can be just half as good as them, then I’ll be happy as a lark.
The basic course was an intense, hectic 5 days in the month of March 2011 inside one of the chambers of beautiful Fort Santiago. OMG, what an apt surrounding…. so much history, so much Pinoy culture, so much heritage which inspired me beyond words. The teachers were names I only read about in the world of photography. Is this for real? Rule of thirds, nyarp, apperture, shutter speed, read your manual (which I haven’t), ISO, metering, S curve, leading lines, filters…. information overload. HOWEVER, because I am amongst fellow photographers with the same passion… pure osmosis of being with them made me strive to be better, to learn, to explore, to experiment, to be creative. I wanted more! So now, I never go out without my camera…. in fact I became so hard on my camera! I would probably take 500 shots a day when I traveled around the different locations. I wanted to go places, see things, not bec I wanted to shop or stay in glamorous places but because I wanted to take photos! My Dad says, wala akong patawad… maski basurahan pini-picturan mo! Oh well, there’s beauty everywhere, I say. Hence, I won in ever category for the basic course: Human interest, still life & portrait, and Landscape/seascape. I was never No. 1 but it didn’t matter at that point. Because I learned so much…Pero BITIN!
I wanted to improve my new passion and make my pictures more appealing and do justice to what I see around me, hence I joined the advance class on August 2011… a few months after my basic course. This time I learned food photography, studio lighting, liquid in motion, portraiture, photojournalism, travel photography, post processing, abstract shots, desktop and still life, macro photography. I knew my weakness, portraits and studio lighting. Traveling never became more exciting, eating out became not just a culinary experience but a visual event, vendors & street people made me more aware of their drudgery, nature & my environment made me aware how great God really is…. I have heightened my awareness & appreciation of life because photography doesnt lie… I am face to face with the truth, with beauty, with reality…. I think it made me a better person. So because my passion became a way of life… I received the best validation…. I won #1 BEST PHOTOGRAPHER! Thank you FPPF! You are the best!
” Carol Lim, Basic Weekday Batch 3 (March 2011); Advance aug-Sep 2011
Advance Over-all best photographer, #1 Bridal Portraits. Glamour (advance); #3 Still life & portrait Basic; Placer Cityscape/seascape basic, Placer Human Interest basic