To our lecturers, Sir Rod Banzon and Bon Victor Sison, thank you for broadening our knowledge in this field. Proud to be part of the FPPF family!

Vanessa Angeles

Thank you Sir Bon Victor Sison and Rod Banzon for not just being our mentor who teach us technicalities but also as inspiration for making us believe that Photography is Life for capturing its heart and soul. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, FPPF family for the experience!

Thea de Guzman

With guidance from professional FPPF mentors, the course teaches you to become a professional photographer in four (4) sessions. The course details the latest shooting techniques in every lighting situation for various subjects. Emphasis is given on glamour photography, portraiture in natural and studio lights, food photography, and product shots.


How many Sessions?

4 Sessions –  (2) Saturdays & (2) Sundays

Schedule (Click to open)
  • FEB 17, 18, 24, 25
  • MAR 17, 18, 24, 25
  • APR 28, 29, MAY 5, 6
  • JUNE 9, 10, 16, 17
  • Review of Basic Photography
  • Fundamentals of Lighting
  • Characters of Light: Quality, Color, Intensity
  • Use of Continuous Light & Studio Strobes
  • Lighting Ratio
  • Light Modifiers
  • Anatomy in Photography
  • Pricing for professional fees
  • Product Shooting
  • Lighting Set Up for Product Shooting
  • Shooting Glass and Shiny Objects
  • Liquid in Motion
  • Food Photography
  • Tabletop Photography
  • Lighting Set-up: Main Light, Fill-in Light, Kicker Light
  • Lighting Ratio Application
  • Posing, Glamour Portraiture
  • Studio Shoot: Glamour Portraiture with Model
  • Submission of Photos, Critique, Judging
Venue and Package
  • Runs for 4 full session days
  • From 9am to 4/5 p.m.
  • At the FEMII Building, Aduana, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines [see locator map])
  • Workshop I.D.
  • Workshop fee: P5,500


Workshop participants are strongly advised to attend the Basic workshop before the Advanced, even if you do not consider yourself a neophyte. A few students who skipped ahead to the Advanced workshop found themselves awash in unfamiliar terms and concepts, and had to start over in the Basic photography workshop.

  • Pre-register at the FPPF office or online
  • Make your payment in person or by bank deposit
  • Reservations are finalized only upon payment of workshop fee


Camera Gear
  • Film or digital camera, preferably one that allows you to set shutter speed and aperture manually. Check if your auto-everything camera allows manual exposure override. Point-and-shoot cameras (compacts) are acceptable, but discouraged.
Workshop Fee





Vic SisonFine arts graduate Vic Sison brought more than just his artist’s eye to photography; he also took his brush into the darkroom to pioneer a print form that he calls “paintography,” a step up from hand-tinting photographs. Vic has had numerous solo photo exhibitions in Manila, and has won major awards in national photo competitions. Vic has been a lecturer for the FPPF workshops since 1993, and has taken his seminars around the country. He also handled sessions at PhotoWorld Manila and was on the faculties of PWU, TUP, and FEU from 1988 to 1997. His work is included in a picture book on the flower festival in Baguio, and in a book on Ilocos Sur.



Rod BanzonRod Banzon is a professional photographer who excels in product shots. He has done commercial assignments for various advertising companies and has a string of photography awards. He brings his expertise to the Advanced Photography Workshop especially in the field of product and food photography. He also shows students how to successfully photograph shiny objects like glass and metals. The techniques he imparts can be very valuable to aspiring commercial photographers. Rod Banzon is the FOODtographer.