Thank you sir Chris Malinao for sharing your knowledge with us about Lightroom.
Happy to have you as our instructor. More power po and God bless.

Noel Punzalan

Thanks a lot sir Chris for the practial tips in using Lightroom. You made it so easy!

Hans Chua

Very worth it! Thanks sir Chris for answering my questions kahit sobrang nag exceed na sa oras. The best po talaga kayo!

Noreen Laserna-Tibay

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the workflow software for photographers, to download, organize, enhance and publish photographs. This image editing application was designed from the ground up for serious photographers who want a powerful editor but is easier to use. With Lightroom the photographer enhances his images just by moving a few sliders – no Layers, no Masking, no Blend Modes!

But there’s some explaining to do. What are Catalogs? What are Collections? Why and how is metadata important? Virtual Copies? Where are my pictures and what happens to them in Lightroom? How does Lightroom develop my images? And how do I use those sliders?

After overcoming the initial confusion, Lightroom is indeed easy to use. The tools are where you want them and they are very effective. With its awesome power, Lightroom equips the photographer with tools that can take his photographs to new levels. Lightroom makes it easy to import, edit, organize, process and share digital images in an integrated work environment. It’s all there. It’s an all-in-one imaging application. Know all its modules: Library, Develop, Book, Map, Slideshow, Print, and Web.

Lightroom’s strength is two-fold:

  1. It is an excellent database – that means you can store and organize volumes of photographs in its Catalog and find your photo quickly when you need it.
  2. It is a powerful image editing software – Its full name is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom; it is Photoshop. The Photoshop tools that a photographer uses are all there, in an easier interface. For photographs, Lightroom is all you need!

Come to the workshop with your own laptop, Lightroom already installed. If you don’t have a copy of Lightroom, you may use a copy of our licensed version – free to use for 30 days! In addition to sample photos in the projects, bring your own photographs too for customized instructions on how to enhance your favorite pictures. Experience the power of Lightroom with your own photographs!

Course Outline

Intro to Lightroom
Understanding and Organizing the Workspace
Discussion of LR’s 7 Modules: Library, Develop, Map, Book, Print, Slideshow & Web
Library Module
Catalogues, Collections, Stacks, Virtual Copies
Develop Module
Developing Your Photographs
Cropping & Retouching the Photograph
Hands-On Demos in Develop Module, Part 1
Evaluating Tonal Distribution and Color
Tone Controls, Split Toning
Color Calibration for the Camera
Adjusting White Balance
Noise Reduction
Lens Correction, etc.

Hands-On Demos in Develop Module, Part 2
Color Tuned Photographs
Control Vibrance, Saturation, Clarity, etc.
Black and White Conversions – When, Why & How
Using the Better Grayscale Mix
Exporting Files
Slideshow – preparing a presentation
Print – printing your work
Web – creating a Web Gallery



1) 64-bit functioning laptop with Lightroom installed (Versions 4, 5, 6 or CC). No netbooks, please.
2) Mouse or pen (trackpad is a pain to use in editing).
3) Functioning computer, nothing defective, please.
4) You know how to use your computer. This is a Lightroom class.

2018 SCHEDULE (SAT or SUN 9am-5pm)




9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Saturday or Sunday)


FPPF Computer Room
302-Annex FEMII Bldg
A. Soriano St., Intramuros


P 2,500

A Lightroom class at the FPPF Digital Darkroom, with instructor Chris Malinao at center.

A Lightroom class at the FPPF Digital Darkroom, with instructor Chris Malinao at center.

The FPPF Lightroom Workshop for Photographers is conducted by Chris Malinao, FPPF mentor. He teaches Digital Imaging Workflow in the Basic Photography workshops. An engineer by formal training at the University of the Philippines, and photographer by avocation, Chris has been using Photoshop since Version 5.5 (it’s now Version 15 with Photoshop CC) and Lightroom since its beta release in 2006. He is Web Administrator of this website, Chris Malinao also writes about photography for national publications like the Manila Bulletin newspaper, Picture Perfect section, i-Mag Photography Magazine, and ArchiKonst magazine.