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Khaeiycee Cruz

Learn to use the lightweight off-camera flash to make your images pop! Strobist flash is the secret sauce.

The FPPF is conducting Strobist Photography Workshop for one whole Saturday, at the FPPF Studio, 302-Annex, 3rd Floor FEMII Bldg., A. Soriano St., Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Professional photographer and senior FPPF instructor Vic Sison will be conducting the one-day workshop which will feature various strobist techniques, using off-camera flash to create stunning photographs.


How many Sessions?

One day session

Schedule (Click to open)
  • APRIL 14
  • JUNE 23


Understanding Flash Sync And Shutter Curtain Modes
Camera Settings For Indoors and Outdoors
Strobist’s Flash Units and Triggering Devices
Light Modifiers, Filters and Supports
Managing Light Origin and Light Sources
Using Light Ratios and Automation
Exposing With A Flash Meter and Histogram
Designing Lighting Setups For Projects: Fashion, Advertising And Portraits
Shooting Demo: Indoors (Portrait, Still Life and Found Objects)
Shooting Demo: Outdoors (Portrait, Still Life and Found Objects)
Question & Answer Forum
Distribution of Certificates
Final Remarks

Who is it for?
  • Graduates of FPPF Basic Photography workshop
  • Those who are already familiar with their DSLR or mirrorless camera settings
  • Photographers wanting to light their subjects with lightweight equipment
  • Pre-register at the FPPF office or online
  • Make your payment in person or by bank deposit
  • Reservations are finalized only upon payment of workshop fee
Camera Gear
  • Film or digital camera, preferably DSLR or mirrorless camera that allows full manual control of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Check if your auto-everything camera allows manual exposure override. Point-and-shoot cameras (compacts) are acceptable, but discouraged.
  • Off-camera flash, any brand.
Venue and Package
  • One day session
  • from 9 to 4/5 p.m.
  • FPPF Studio, 302-Annex, 3rd Floor FEMII Bldg., A. Soriano St., Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. MAP HERE
Workshop Fee