Enrico Testa gets two gold medals, winning 1st Places in both Bridal Portrait and Pre-Nuptial Pictorial categories.

For the twin wins, FPPF President Pablo Beltran tells Enrico Testa, center, that he can attend any FPPF workshop for free. Enrico chose to attend the Lightroom workshop for March 25. With Testa in the picture are Aprille Dianne Enriquez 3rd Place, and Gab Malonzo 2nd Place.

In the Details category, the winners are (L-R) Aprille Dianne M. Enriquez 2nd Place, Kristine Mavie Gironella 1st Place, and Roben Jay D. Demonteverde 3rd Place.

FPPF Wedding Photography
March 13-16, 2017
18 Students

Bridal Portrait:
1st Place – Enrico Testa
2nd Place – Gab Malonzo
3rd Place – Aprille Dianne M. Enriquez

Bride and Groom:
1st Place – Manuel B. Igoy, Jr.
2nd Place – Kaye Sanchez
3rd Place – Aprille Dianne M. Enriquez

Pre-Nuptial Pictorial:
1st Place – Enrico Testa
2nd Place – Gab Malonzo
3rd Place – David Anthony Manalo

1st Place – Kristine Mavie Gironella
2nd Place – Aprille Dianne M. Enriquez
3rd Place – Roben Jay D. Demonteverde

Prenup winners are Gab Malonzo 2nd Place, Enrico Testa 1st Place, and David Anthony Manalo 3rd Place.

For the Bride and Groom pictorial, the winners are (L-R) Aprille Dianne M. Enriquez 3rd Place, Manny Igoy 1st Place, and Kaye Sanchez 2nd Place.

The winning moment for Manny Igoy, Gold Medal in the Bride and Groom cateogory.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran addressed the new wedding photographers. “We hope you persevere and go on as wedding photographers. Only when I see you again as successful wedding photographers 5 years from now will I say that we have conducted a successful workshop here,” Beltran said.

“Group yourselves as a team of two or 3 or 4, and help each other,” FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang tells the new wedding photographers. “Arrive early in your wedding shoots, way ahead of time, so you can prepare and take better photographs,” she added.

Mrs. Huang and Mr. Beltran, both pillars of Philippine photography, shared their insights during the critique session.

Also during critique, FPPF instructor Rey Castañeda pointed to some finer points to consider when photographing. “Comparing these two, the groom’s hand covered the bride’s arm making it less prominent, while in the other photograph the bride’s arm dominated the photo,” Castañeda observed.

FPPF instructor Chris Malinao said, “This is a good photo, capturing a very sweet moment. But watch your angles, the bride’s chin got a bit too prominent here. Be warned. Babala.”

FPPF instructor Amir Alba also shared his own experiences as professional wedding photographer. “If there are two or three of you shooting the wedding, consult with your fellow photographers and synchronize your camera settings, like color balance, so you’ll have a unified look,” Alba said. “Capture the kiss just before the lips touch,” he also said, “the faces are almost always distorted when the couple are already kissing.”

In photo-op with FPPF Chair Edi Huang, Capt. Abhineet Kumar, pilot-in-command for Cebu Pacific Flights, is from New Delhi. He said he had always wanted to attend FPPF photography workshops but only found time now.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran with the new wedding photographers during their final day of workshop at Fort Santiago.