That golden feeling when you win the top FPPF medal. First Place in Human Activity goes to…Flor O’Donnell!

Top winners in Human Activity are Donie Mabilangan 3rd Place, Flor O’Donnell 1st Place, and Sofia Saberon 2nd Place. At the back are FPPF mentors George Cabig and Maricris Tabañag.

Luis Palermo gestures to the heavens in gratitude after winning the gold medal in Landscape.

The Landscape winners: Eugene Briones 2nd Place, Luis Palermo 1st Place, and Zynthia Potian 3rd Place.

Winners Batch 4 Weekdays
FPPF Basic Photography April 24-28, 2017
25 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Flores O’Donnell
2nd Place – Sofia Saberon
3rd Place – Donie Ray Mabilangan


1st Place – Luisito Palermo
2nd Place – Eugene Briones
3rd Place – Zynthia N. Potian

Best in Portrait: Mikko Gem M. Cruz

Class Vote:

Best in Human Activity – Sofia Saberon
Best in Landscape – Donie Ray Mabilangan

As the photo judges voted, Mikko Cruz wins Best in Portrait, shown here with professional photographer Maricris Tabañag.

As their classmates voted, Eugene Briones is Best in Landscape and Sofia Saberon is Best in Human Activity.

FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang, herself an expert portraitist, compares two portrait shots. Mrs. Huang liked the close-up photo better, the one by Aris Añonuevo. Earlier, Mrs. Huang also picked out the landscape photo by Aris as her top choice. “But don’t count on it, the judges certainly will have their own choices, and I did not judge,” she said.

Back to camera is Aris Añonuevo, whose photos Mrs. Huang picked as her top favorites. As luck would have it, Aris’ photos did not make it to the final top winners. We wish you better luck next time, Aris. Good job!

During the critique session, FPPF instructor George Cabig commented, “I like this one, parang painting ang dating niya.”

FPPF instructor Amir Alba paraphrased Beatle Paul McCartney in his message to the new photographers, “The song will write itself. If you’re ready and capable, the opportunities for great photographs will be there, you will just have to take it.”

FPPF President Pablo Beltran encouraged the new photographers to aim for excellence with their photos, whether they do it as profession or serious art.

Studio owner and professional photographer Maricris Tabañag gave the new photographers a road map that may guide them should they choose to go professional.

“Grit is virtue, be persistent,” said FPPF Pres. Pablo Beltran, citing the publication of his own photo book, SULTADA, which took 7 years in the making. After overcoming obstacles, the book finally saw print.

Two young ladies from Baguio City, Lani Bayanes, at left, and Mia Kelly at right, confer with FPPF Chair Mrs. Edi Huang. Lani and Mia, both school teachers in Benguet, came down to Manila and stayed 5 days purposely for the photography workshop.

Pizza time after the workshop. This is getting to be a habit, we can get used to this.