Sunrise Bridge Travel is launching its Japan photo tour this November, “KYOTO KOYO”, in time for the autumn leaves season. It’s a 10-day photo tour in the ancient capital of Japan!

Registrants from FPPF or from FPPF-affiliated camera clubs get a discount! Call Sunrise Bridge Travel and tell them you found out about the tour through FPPF. Contact info is on the poster.

1) 10 days/9 nights tour of Kyoto, Japan’s cultural heart.
2) Includes airfare, hostel accommodations, admission fees, and local transport card.
3) The transport card is reusable for your next visit to Japan!
4) Limited group size for individualized photography instruction.
5) We will visit a mix of bucket-list sites like Kinkakuji and off-the-beaten-path gems.
6) Hike a scenic mountain trail known for its autumn scenery and a hidden waterfall.
7) See and shoot one of Japan’s last 12 remaining original castles.
8) Flexible itinerary, we’ll spend more time where you like it best.
9) Travel by local bus, train, and subway to experience Japan like a local.
10) Our hostel is in the heart of picturesque Higashiyama district, near Kiyomizudera Temple.
11) Pickup and sendoff at Kansai Airport.
12) Baggage delivery from Osaka to Kyoto and back – you don’t have to carry luggage on the train.

Call Sunrise Bridge Travel:
0927 572 4683
0927 572 4638
082 222 0193

Deadline for registration is August 31, 2017.