Landscape winners are (L-R, front) Atty. Alice Villanueva-Salces 2nd Place, Elisha Leonardo 1st Place, and Ken Cabangbang 3rd Place shown here with FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang and photo judges Elmer Rampon, Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles, and George Cabig.

Winners in Human Activity are (L-R) Nora Yadao 3rd Place, Guila Awa 1st Place, and Ken Cabangbang 2nd Place.

Winners Batch 3 Saturdays
FPPF Basic Photography April 22-May 20, 2017
15 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Guila Joyce Anne A. Awa
2nd Place – Kenneth Cabangbang
3rd Place – Noralyn Yadao


1st Place – Elisha Jean Leonardo
2nd Place – Alice C. Villanueva-Salces
3rd Place – Kenneth Cabangbang

Best in Portrait: Maria Aldrea P. Padilla

Class Vote:

Best in Human Activity – Maria Aldrea P. Padilla
Best in Landscape – Abraham T. Valero

Best in Portrait, with Gold Medal, is Aldrea Padilla shown here with FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles.

In the class vote, Best in Landscape is Abe Valero and Best is Human Activity is Aldrea Padilla.

FPPF President Pablo N. Beltran shared his experience in publishing the coffee table photo book, SULTADA, with the new photographers. “Now that we’ve gone digital, it is easier to publish books one copy at a time or in small batches, as needed, unlike before when you need to have a minimum volume of books for printing,” he said.

During photo critique and appreciation, FPPF instructor said, “Maganda ang cloud formation mo dito, amazing colors, pero hindi nakatulong yung malaking bahaging madilim sa gilid ng litrato.”

“In the portrait category, I have the same favorites as Mr. Cabig, I gave this a high score,” said FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles. Commenting on another picture, Prof. Angeles said, “You don’t need too much background for portraits, you can crop closer or frame to make your subject dominant.”

FPPF President Pablo Beltran emphasized the importance of having rapport, a connection with the subject, when shooting people. “With landscapes, you need the patience of a monk,” he said.

Elmer Rampon of the Samahang Litratista ng Rizal (SLR), the winningest camera club in the country, also came by to judge the photos. “I look for sharpness, I look at the eyes, they should be sharp,” he said. “With portraits, beware of dead spaces, walang kuwenta na ang sobrang lawak na background,” he added.

A true expert in portraiture, FPPF Chair Edi Huang gave a few pointers when shooting portraits. “Cropping can play a very important role as it can remove distractions. But watch out; don’t crop at joints, masakit yun,” she said. Mrs. Huang also shared some posing techniques with the class.

Boyet Guevarra, a past chairman of Photo World Asia, invited the new photographers to join his Nayon Camera Club, which he described as the happiest camera club. He said, “I’m happy with my photography. Mas marami na akong kinita bilang photographer kaysa pagiging empleyado ko.”

Fine art photographer Jam Ramos also talked with the new photographers. “Like Boyet Guevarra, I am also happy shooting with my camera and I have made the leap into professional photography,” she said.

“For those who wish to pursue photography as profession or sideline, we have the FPPF Career Path Mentoring Program. The CPMP will guide you on what to do to start your photography career. Attend the first CPMP seminar on Sunday, May 28,” said FPPF President Pablo Beltran.

The class of Batch 3 Saturdays April 22-May 20, 2017 with their photography mentors.