In photo, Metrobank Foundation officers and employees pose with FPPF mentors Pablo Beltran, Vic Sison, and Chris Malinao. The workshop was requested by Metrobank Foundation President Aniceto Sobrepeña and Executive Director Nicanor Torres, and coordinated by Christopher Bugaoan and Arnie Luna of the Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, of Metrobank Foundation.

The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation conducted last Friday (June 2, 2017) a workshop on photography at the Metrobank Foundation, Cruzada St., Makati City. The FPPF workshop taught attendees how to shoot with whatever camera they have, emphasis on how to enjoy photography.

In the morning, FPPF instructor Chris Malinao talked about shooting with the smartphone, the nature of its small camera and how to take advantage of its technical advances. “Today’s smartphone cameras deliver high-quality images, they are awesome,” Malinao said.

FPPF senior instructor Vic Sison touched on the use of digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera and why the serious photographer might want to use it if he wants to take his photography on a higher level. Sison lectured on the importance of lighting and demonstrated the lessons with actual shooting on the spot using studio light and ambient light.

In the afternoon, participants had fun shooting each other, applying the lessons learned in the workshop. The workshop aimed to impart knowledge to participants for them to enjoy photography and to be able to cover Metrobank Foundation events should the need arise.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran addressed workshop participants. “We wish to contaminate you with our passion in photography,” Beltran said. “We hope you learn important photography skills in today’s workshop.”

FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang briefly talked about how the FPPF came into existence to promote photography in the country. “We’ve been here since 1987, and our photography workshops began in 1993,” she said, counting some prominent personalities in politics and society as among those who have gone through the FPPF workshops.

Metrobank Foundation Assistant Executive Director Irene Labitad urged her fellow participants to make full use of the workshop.

FPPF instructor Chris Malinao delivered his smartphone photography lecture in the morning. “Our smartphone cameras have wide angle lenses, and we should shoot with that in mind,” he said.

FPPF instructor Vic Sison demonstrates posing techniques, to the delight of participants.

“If you wish to pursue serious photography and use the DSLR camera, come to our workshops in Intramuros,” Sison said.

Using studio light, Vic Sison emphasizes the importance of proper lighting. “Your use of lighting will make or break your photograph,” he said.

Vic inspects the shot of CCU’s Arnie Luna during the hands-on exercises.

Smartphone or DSLR, you have your camera – shoot!

Enjoying their photos.

This is serious fun!

CCU senior program officer Chris Bugaoan strikes a pose.

Hands-on shooting outdoors.

Instant feedback from their LCD monitor and from their mentor Vic Sison.