The weekday class graduated yesterday, July 1, 2017 The 5th and last day started with a lecture on ‘The Art of Seeing’ by George Cabig. George explained the principles of lighting as well as composition and exposure and showed their applications with his photos taken from different countries. This was followed by a presentation on how to practice effectively.

The afternoon session was a presentation of works done by the participants and a critique of the photos by Prof Cecilia Angeles. Speakers and judges composed of George Cabig, Amir Alba, Prof. Angeles and FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang took turns in analyzing the entries of the class with critiques and suggestions on how the photos could be improved. Also, today (July 1, 2017) two classes were opened, Basic Saturdays and the Advanced class. PhotoWorld Cup competitions among camera clubs took place in the afternoon. Busy day at the FPPF.