Winners in Human Activity are (L-R) Don Robillos 2nd Place, Mark Anthony Caceres 1st Place, and Jaru Romero 3rd Place.

Landscape winners are Florence Joy Bautista 2nd Place, Don Robillos 1st Place, and Enzo Santos 3rd Place (FPPF’s Kim Salvador standing in for Doc Enzo who had to leave early).

Winners Batch 8 Saturdays
FPPF Basic Photography Aug 5-Sep 2, 2017
17 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Mark Anthony Caceres
2nd Place – Don Robillos
3rd Place – Jaru Romero


1st Place – Don Robillos
2nd Place – Florence Joy Bautista
3rd Place – Enzo Santos

Best in Portrait: Lobert Dela Cruz

Class Vote:

Best in Human Activity – Mark Anthony Caceres
Best in Landscape – Don Robillos

Obet Dela Cruz is 1st Place in Portrait, fulfilling an earlier medal tryout, this time for real with a gold medal of his own.

In the class vote, Best in Human Activity is Mark Anthony Caceres, while Don Robillos is Best in Landscape.

FPPF instructor and travel photographer George Cabig congratulated the class for their output.

FPPF instructor Amir Alba shares his tips on how to improve the pictures.

“I like this, but cropped even closer this becomes an even better picture of a child and her dog,” Alba said.

The class gathers around pizza for merienda.

The class with their FPPF photography mentors.