Winners in Human Activity are (L-R) Ginalyn Pagador 2nd Place, Tim Caballero 1st Place, and Jopay Cavizo 3rd Place.

Winners in Landscape are Rann Villamor (2nd from left), Jerilee Baltazar (photo in front of FPPF senior instructor Vic Sison), and Lanie Adorna 1st Place. At extreme left and right are FPPF instructors Amir Alba and George Cabig.

Winners Batch 10 Sundays
FPPF Basic Photography Sep 17-Oct 15, 2017
30 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – John Timothy D. Caballero
2nd Place – Ginalyn Pagador
3rd Place – Ma. Josefina B. Cavizo


1st Place – Lanie L. Adorna
2nd Place – Roanna O. Villamor
3rd Place – Jerilee Baltazar

Best in Portrait: Roanna O. Villamor

Best in Portrait is Rann Villamor.

FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang’s choice in Portrait was that of Alrick Ramos, at left. He gets a complimentary commemorative T-shirt. In her talk during the critique session, Mrs. Huang said, “Do not be discouraged by negative comments, they should encourage you to become better. Photography should be in your heart.”

“Focus, perspective, details, emotion. These are things you should remember when taking photos,” said FPPF President Pablo Beltran in his pep talk with the new photographers.

“We, your viewers, need to experience and understand what you saw and experienced at the time you took the picture. Bring that here in this room, with your photograph,” said FPPF instructor Amir Alba.

“These hands could be another person’s hands. I will avoid hands in a portrait, I will emphasize the face,” FPPF senior instructor Vic Sison said during critique to evaluate the photos.

“Cropping will improve this, or you can re-frame. Avoid distracting, extra elements,” said FPPF instructor George Cabig, a multi-awarded professional travel photographer. “This is even better when we invert the photograph,” he added.

Sorok Foundation event organizer Nette Soriano dropped by to invite photographers to participate in the 4th Sorok Short Film Festival, to submit their film entries to the “Sangkay” contest which carries P100k, P50k, and P30k for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes, respectively. Deadline is Oct 31, 2017. Go to for details.

FPPF instructor George Cabig scoring the photo entries.

The other photo judges were FPPF instructors Vic Sison, Prof. Cecilia Angeles, and Amir Alba.

Click on the picture, or click HERE, to download the high resolution batch photo.