Landscape winners (L-R, front) Warren MJ Alviar 3rd Place, Normand Fernandez 1st Place, and Princess Domingo 2nd Place. At the back are FPPF mentors Amir Alba, FPPF Chair Edi Huang, Prof. Joey Tañedo, and George Cabig.

Human Activity winners are Warren MJ Alviar 1st Place, Melissa Eden De Leon 2nd Place, and Marlynne Crestine Quinto 3rd Place.

Winners Batch 9 Saturdays
FPPF Basic Photography Sep 16-Oct 21, 2017
21 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Warren MJ A. Alviar
2nd Place – Melissa Eden De Leon
3rd Place – Marlynne Crestine Quinto


1st Place – Normand Fernandez
2nd Place – Princess Domingo
3rd Place – Warren MJ A. Alviar

Best in Portrait: Ma. Catherina de la Peña

Class Vote:

Best in Human Activity – Warren MJ A. Alviar
Best in Landscape – Meliton David Panga III

Best in Portrait is Ma. Catherina de la Peña, center, flanked by her FPPF mentors Amir Alba, Edi Huang, George Cabig, Prof. Cecilia Angeles, and Prof. Joey Tañedo.

In the class vote, Best in Human Activity is Warren MJ A. Alviar and Best in Landscape is Meliton David Panga III.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran urged the new photographers to not set aside their cameras after the workshop but practice what they have learned. “It is only through constant practice that you become better photographers,” he said.

During photo evaluation, FPPF instructor George Cabig gave a tip on how to improve a picture. “Use a graduated neutral density (GND) filter here to balance exposure and bring out details of the foreground,” Cabig said.

“I prefer to show the ball in sports that use a ball,” FPPF instructor Amir Alba said, “but this is good.”

“Avoid distracting background, background is just as important as your main subject,” said Prof. Cecilia Angeles.

“Do not cut your elements,” said Prof. Joey Tañedo, “frame it correctly by not cutting where you should not cut. Masakit tingnan.”

FPPF Chair Mrs. Eduviges Y. Huang also gave a pep talk to the new photographers. “Photography has no limits,” she said, “it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, how rich or how poor, as long as you have the passion, you can become a good photographer.”

Pizza time. This is getting to be a habit.

Batch Photos. Click on the picture, or HERE, to download the high-resolution copy, 3.67MB.