Top photographers in Batch 11 Weekdays (L-R, front) Norman Vincent N. Bacala, 1st Place Human Activity; Naren Aguinaldo, 1st Place Portrait; and John Chan Huan, 1st Place Landscape, with their FPPF mentors at the back, Chris Malinao, Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles, and George Cabig.

Winners Batch 11 Weekdays
FPPF Basic Photography Nov 20-24, 2017
9 Students

Human Activity:
1st Place – Norman Vincent N. Bacala

1st Place – John Eriko O. Chan Huan

Best in Portrait: Narendranath A. Aguinaldo

Class Vote:
Best in Human Activity – John Eriko O. Chan Huan
Best in Landscape – Cris O. Cardona

In the class vote, top choices are Cris Cardona, Best in Landscape and John Eriko O. Chan Huan, Best in Human Activity.

During critique, FPPF instructor Chris Malinao picks his top favorite in Human Activity. “The photographer has successfully communicated his vision in this photograph,” Malinao said, “the subject is clear and framing the perspective is excellent.”

FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles, at right, reminded the class of the lessons learned. “You should apply it,” she said.

Retired P/Supt Vic Afalla explains his photo to Prof. Angeles. Afalla has taken to photography as hobby to “improve my travel photos. I do a lot of traveling with my wife now that I have retired,” he said.

FPPF instructor George Cabig evaluates the portrait photos. “Render the background as less distracting as possible, to accentuate focus on the subject,” Cabig said.

Norman Vincent Bacala, at right, relates how he took his top shot of vendors. His photo won 1st Place in Human Activity.

The top 3 photographers receiving their medals from their FPPF mentors.

The Class of Batch 11 Weekdays 2017, with their FPPF mentors.

Batch Photos of Batch 11 Weekdays 2017. Click HERE to download high-resolution file [1.94MB].