Landscape winners are (L-R, front): Melchor De Miguel 2nd Place, Jong Sigua 1st Place, and Carl Tiopanco 3rd Place. At the back are FPPF instructors Vic Sison and George Cabig.

Winners in Human Activity are (L-R) Bea Gonzales 3rd Place, Bryce de la Cruz 1st Place, and Joshua Cruz 2nd Place. At the back are Photo World Cup officers Boyet Guevarra, Cha Pagdilao, and Cris Cleofas.

Winners Batch 11 Saturdays
FPPF Basic Photography Nov 18-Dec 16, 2017
32 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Bryce I. De la Cruz
2nd Place – Joshua A. Cruz
3rd Place – Bea Gonzales


1st Place – Jong F. Sigua
2nd Place – Melchor De Miguel
3rd Place – Carl Willees D. Tiopanco

Best in Portrait: Melchor De Miguel

Class Vote:

Best in Human Activity – Jong F. Sigua
Best in Landscape – Melchor De Miguel

Best in Portrait is Melchor de Miguel who received his medal from FPPF senior instructor Vic Sison.

In the class vote, Jong Sigua is Best in Human Activity and Melchor de Miguel is Best in Landscape.

“Develop the discipline to improve your craft continuously,” said FPPF President Pablo Beltran, “acquire the skill, and sell yourself. Don’t forget, you have to market your skills.”

Portrait tips from FPPF senior instructor Vic Sison: “Which side of the face is better looking? The side with the smaller eye, this should be towards the camera,” he said. “Also remember, the photographer is responsible for posing the subject, know your poses.”

“Gusto ko ito, tama ang subject,” said FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles. “Your subject should be the most prominent in the frame.”

Photo judges evaluating the final entries.

Incoming 2018 Photo World Cup Chair Ms. Cynthia ‘Cha’ Pagdilao invites the new photographer to join camera clubs affiliated with the FPPF. Under the FPPF, Photo World Cup hosts the monthly and yearly photo competitions of camera clubs. The photo contests and other regular activities of the FPPF continually hones the photographic skills of members, no wonder FPPF photographers win many national and international photo contests.

Batch photos. CLICK HERE to download the hi-res file [3.96MB].