Big winner is Sharmaine Avila, front left, who topped both Human Activity and Landscape categories as judged by photo mentors, including Best in Landscape as chosen by her classmates. For the wins, Sharmaine gets a free pass to Photo World Asia 2018 slated Feb 1-6 at AIM in Makati. Cyrus Dellosa, front right, is Best in Portrait. At the back are FPPF instructors Amir Alba, Chris Malinao, and George Cabig.

The class voted Noel Mapa’s photo Best in Human Activity; Sharmaine Avila is Best in Landscape.

Winners Batch 12 Weekdays
FPPF Basic Photography Dec 11-15, 2017
13 Students

Human Activity:
1st Place – Sharmaine D. Avila

1st Place – Sharmaine D. Avila

Best in Portrait: Cyrus E. Dellosa

Class Vote:
Best in Human Activity – Noel S. Mapa
Best in Landscape – Sharmaine D. Avila

Cyrus Dellosa, at right, is Best in Portrait, here with instructor Amir Alba.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran, back to camera, engages the students in a short pep talk before the photo judging.

Photo entries are examined minutely for technical and aesthetic merits, and the mentors give their encouragement and views on how to improve the photos. This is the basic FPPF formula: shoot, show, improve, repeat.

“We want you to make money from photography, make it a profession, or at least make it pay for an expensive hobby you got yourself into,” said FPPF President Pablo Beltran. “We are here to nurture your interest and love of photography through our workshops.”

“This is a successful panning shot, but the framing can be improved,” said FPPF instructor Amir Alba during critique.

“I like this best – good exposure, good pose and framing, and best of all, the expression,” said FPPF instructor Chris Malinao.

FPPF instructor George Cabig shows his favorite among the entries in Human Activity. “Good details and lighting, good shot,” he said.

“Eto namuti na lang yung sky,” observes George of a photo which lacked detail in the sky. “Don’t shoot an empty sky and make it a large part of the frame,” he said.

The class of Batch 12 Weekdays 2017 with their FPPF mentors.

Pizza time!

Batch photo. Click HERE for downloadable hi-res copy [2.09MB].