It’s the Year of the Dog and we are calling for entries to the FPPF Chinese New Year On-The-Spot photo contest! Shoot in Chinatown or shoot anywhere, as long as it is in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and shoot only on February 16, 2018 then submit your best photos to us.


1. Photos must be taken in digital format using DSLR cameras.
2. All photos should be taken on February 16, 2018 only.
3. Both raw and JPEG files shall be submitted. Raw file shall be required for the top entries.
4. Entries shall be printed, 8×12 inches, no border.
5. Maximum of five (5) entries per photographer, applicable for colored prints only and photo paper only (no metallic or pearl paper).
6. Photos that are digitally enhanced or altered for creative purposes are not allowed. Altered images refer to photographs manipulated and applied with special effects (colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, stitched panoramas, HDR images, etc.) Only minor adjustments acceptable in the color, sharpness, contrast, or digital equivalents are allowed.
7. Infrared photos not allowed.
8. Watermarks or any identifying marks on the entries not allowed
9. Submission – All entries should be submitted at the FPPF office:

FPPF 302-Annex, FEMII Bldg
A. Soriano St, Intramuros, Manila

Contact Persons:
Cris Cleofas – 09151785416
Cynthia Pagdilao – 09271506411

Deadline of Submission: FEB 21, 2018

Good luck to all, and HAPPY SHOOTING!