Proud winners in Landscape, L-R, Chai Duran 2nd Place, Mark Teodoro 1st Place, and William Macabate.

Human Activity winners are (L-R, front) Chai Duran 2nd Place, Gaye de Leon 1st Place, and Jan Buebos 3rd Place, with FPPF mentors George Cabig and Ryan Hernandez at the back.

Winners Batch 1 Weekdays
FPPF Basic Photography Feb 26-Mar 2, 2018
25 Students

Human Activity:
1st Place – Gaye de Leon
2nd Place – Chaizelyn Apple C. Duran
3rd Place – Jan L. Buebos

1st Place – Mark Teodoro R. Suratos
2nd Place – Chaizelyn Apple C. Duran
3rd Place – William Macabate

Best in Portrait: Maria Antonia Vittali Isip

Class Vote:
Best in Human Activity – Gaye de Leon
Best in Landscape – Chaizelyn Apple C. Duran

The class voted for Gaye de Leon, left, as Best in Human Activity, and Chai Duran as Best in Landscape. Both received complimentary copies of iMag Photography magazine.

“Practice, commitment, and time if you want to be a good photographer,” says FPPF President Pablo Beltran during a pep talk with the new photographers.

“Maganda ang sky kaya lang wala kang magandang foreground. Improve your foreground,” said FPPF instructor George Cabig commenting on a photo during the critique session.

FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia Angeles emphasized the classic position for catchlight in the eyes. “Catchlight should be positioned properly or your portrait will look a bit off. I like one catchlight at 11 o’clock or 2 o’clock position,” she said.

Ryan Hernandez was one of the first who attended the FPPF photography workshops in the mid-1990s. He has since worked as photojournalist for the Gulf News in the United Arab Emirates. Here, he is shown sharing his insights with the new photographers. “When shooting people, show their faces,” he said.

FPPF President Pablo Beltran, left, announces Maria Antonia Vittali Isip, a proud transgender model, winning Best Portrait.

Maria Antonia Vittali Isip gets her medal from George Cabig. Maria says she has worked as international transgender model since 2008.

“Ha? Nanalo itong picture ko?” Mark Suratos seemed surprised at the announcement that he got 1st Place in Landscape.

The landscape winners Chai, Mark, and William with mentors George and Ryan.

For winning two silver medals, Chai Duran receives from FPPF President Pablo Beltran a copy of the book, “Tips on Composition” by Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles.

The class listening to an engaging talk by Ka Lito.

Pizza time!

Class picture.

Class ID photos, click HERE to download hi-res copy [4MB].