Winners in Human Activity with their mentors, L-R front: Van Vincent Alfred Cruz 2nd Place, Erwin Nava 1st Place, and Gladys Garcia 3rd Place. At the back are Gulf News UAE photojournalist Ryan Hernandez, travel photographer George Cabig, Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles, and professional photographer Ruel Tafalla.

In the Landscape category, the top photographers are JB Dionisio 3rd Place, Girlie Villamor 1st Place, and Erika Grace Cruz.

Winners Batch 1 Saturdays
FPPF Basic Photography Feb 17-Mar 17, 2018
32 Students

Human Activity:

1st Place – Erwin C. Nava
2nd Place – Van Vincent Alfred Cruz
3rd Place – Gladys R. Garcia


1st Place – Girlie O. Villamor
2nd Place – Erika Grace Cruz
3rd Place – JB Dionisio

Best in Portrait: Spencer Acol

Class Vote:
Best in Human Activity – Gladys R. Garcia
Best in Landscape – Van Vincent Alfred Cruz

Best in Portrait is Spencer Acol, here being congratulated by Prof. Cecil Angeles.

In the class vote, Best in Human Activity is Gladys R. Garcia, and Best in Landscape is Van Vincent Alfred Cruz.

FPPF instructor Chris Malinao commented on a photo. “If the girl was not there, this will just be an empty landscape. With her there as accent, the viewer’s eyes will have something to anchor on,” he said.

“This photo does not clearly show what the tattoo artist Wang-Od was doing, the moment was not there, the angle was weak,” said professional photographer Ruel Tafalla.

“This shows an unexciting middle ground, background is an empty sky, and where is the foreground element?” asked landscape artist George Cabig.

Photojournalist Ryan Hernandez also shared his thoughts during the critique session. Hernandez worked for 14 years as photojournalist for the UAE Gulf News based in Dubai. He learned photography with the FPPF in the early 1990s.

“With human interest or human activity photos, I want to see the human having a bigger space in the photograph. Your focus should be human,” said FPPF instructor Prof. Cecilia S. Angeles.

“Avoid distracting bokeh. And watch your catch lights, they should be at the 11 o’clock or 2 o’clock position mimicking the sun as natural source of light,” Prof. Angeles said.

Happy ending for a happy workshop. It’s pizza time!