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Entrance to the FPPF Art Chamber in Intramuros, Manila, a venue for photography workshops and photo exhibits. Visitors may view the monthly winning photographs of various camera clubs here.

THE FEDERATION OF Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) was created in 1987 for the upliftment of Philippine photography and the welfare of Filipino photographers.

It is a non-stock, non-profit organization that encourages cooperation rather than competition among fractious photography associations—of which the Philippines has more than enough.

By providing the right leadership, the FPPF has been received by the industry as a unifying organization around which it could rally, with which it could work, and from which it could all benefit. And by all we mean everybody — not just any particular segment of the industry.

The FPPF has the support of both the seller and the buyer—the manufacturers and dealers on one hand, and the photographers on the other. It has channeled this support into such activities as national and international trade shows and conventions, photo contests, book projects, tourism and travel events, even socially relevant projects like aiding the plight of senior citizens, the handicapped and the less fortunate segments of our population.

In all, the FPPF has justified its existence by helping photographers and the industry break out of its photographic shell and go into more relevant endeavors that benefit not just themselves but society as a whole.

The FPPF also holds regular monthly workshops, the most effective short photo workshops in Manila, with over 2,000 photographers graduated since 1993, many of whom have turned pro and won in national and international contests. The FPPF workshops are ideal for serious amateurs, would-be professional photographers, P.R./advertising/publication staff, hobbyists and home snapshooters.

On request, the FPPF holds photo workshops for employees of private and public institutions. Workshops may be designed to the specific needs of an organization, such as police work, publication work, company documentation, etc. Provincial requests are entertained.

Working with government and private institutions, the FPPF also organizes orientations and training sessions for out-of-school youth, senior citizens, baranggay vocational programs, and staff training. These activities may include photo exhibitions and audio-visual presentations.

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