THE WORKSHOPS on Basic and Advanced photography, conducted by the FPPF every month the whole year round, are the most effective and most reasonably priced short photo workshops in Manila. Over 10,000 graduates have attended the workshops since 1995, many of whom have gone on to become professional photographers and to win national and international contests against more experienced photographers.

Ideal Participants

The workshops are ideal for:

  • serious amateurs & hobbyists
  • photographer’s assistants
  • public relations staff
  • advertising agency staff
  • newsletter and publication staff
  • teachers
  • home snapshooters
  • would-be professional photographers


Vic Sison explains the nuances of studio lighting to a class in Advanced Photography.

Vic Sison explains the nuances of studio lighting to a class in Advanced Photography.

Basic Before Advanced

Workshop participants are strongly advised to attend the Basic workshop before the Advanced, even if you do not consider yourself a neophyte. A few students who skipped ahead to the Advanced workshop found themselves awash in unfamiliar terms and concepts, and had to start over in the Basic workshop.

Basic Photography

– Camera functions; exposure control; properties of light; composition. Portrait posing and lighting; outdoor portraits; lighting tabletop still life. Developing creativity.

Advanced Photography

– advanced techniques in portrait and lighting as applied to professional work such as wedding/portrait photography and product/advertising photography.

International Cruise Ship Photography

– prepares you to be an on-board photographer in an ocean liner, earning dollars and going places.

Digital Darkroom

– learn to use digital imaging tools like Photoshop to enhance photos through color correction, retouching techniques and layering to produce stunning photo albums.

Food Photography

– shows you how to make haute cuisine and fast food look scrumptious in a picture; the aim is to produce food photos that are worth publishing.

Lightroom for Photographers

– learn the powerful but easy to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom imaging workflow software for managing and enhancing photographs.

Wedding Photography

– prepare yourself to cash in on the most lucrative field of photography today. The wedding workshop is designed for professional and advanced amateur photographers to become wedding photographers.

Large Format Black and White Photography

– designed for professional photographers who want to enhance their artistic skills by learning the non-traditional methods of black and white image making. The participants will be taught the basics of black and white shooting, processing and printing with the use of large format 4 x 5 cameras.

Strobist Workshop

-create stunning photographs with your convenient and highly portable off-camera flash! Shoot indoor and outdoor using Strobist techniques.

Session Outlines

»» Basic Photography Workshop
»» Advanced Photography Workshop
»» International Cruise Ship Photography Workshop
»» Digital Darkroom Workshop
»» Food Photography Workshop
»» Lightroom for Photographers
»» Wedding Photography
»» Large Format Black and White Photography
»» Strobist Workshop

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